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Welcome to bodrumapartmentrental.com, a beautifully furnished apartment located in South West Turkey, about 20 minutes from the historical town of Bodrum.

With prime views overlooking the idyllic Lake Tuzla and being just a short stroll to a private beach on the coast of the stunning Aegean Sea, the apartment is ideally placed for your Turkish holiday.

Situated on the beautiful Turquoise Resort which was completed in 2009, the resort has many on site facilities including a main swimming pool with bar and restaurant, a childrens pool with 2 water slides, 7 communal pools, fitness centre, tennis court, 6 hole golf course, heated indoor pool, outdoor cinema and mini golf. For a complete list of the on site facilities, please click here.

The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms (1 en-suite) and 2 bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, air conditioning, a garden and a terrace overlooking the stunning Lake Tuzla, the second largest lake in Turkey.

Along with the many facilities at Turquoise and its neighbouring complexes, there is so much to explore around the area with little bays dotted all along the coastline.

The historic town of Bodrum is just a 20 minute drive away or a ride on one of the frequent shuttle buses that depart from Turquoise and head along the coast of the Aegean Sea. Bodrum boasts a spectacular castle with underwater museum, exclusive marina and harbour, an array of designer shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, and exciting nightlife appealing to all ages. Along with a wealth of history, Bodrum offers something for everyone. For more information, please click here.

And if its golf that interests you, Vita Park Golf course is just a 5 minute drive away. Vita Park offers 2 PGA 18 hole courses and is Turkeys first PGA golf course. The course is open for pay and play.

So whether you want to explore the beautiful town of Bodrum, visit the idyllic spots along the Aegean coastline, enjoy a round of golf or just chill in the Turkish sun with a beer then our holiday apartment on the luxurious Turquoise resort is the perfect holiday destination.

The apartment is available for rent all year round (subject to availability). Current availability can be viewed here

Please check out the other pages on the site for more information about the apartment, resort and surrounding area. If you need any further information or want to enquire about renting the apartment please use our Contact page

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The apartment is also featured on Owners Direct (http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk). Please use reference code 8108340 to view the apartment.

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